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Jaguars scout Tim Mingey named one of NFL's best

The Jaguars drafting the past few years has been poor, but one of the team's scouts was recently named one of the NFL's best. The National Football Post went through and named some of the top scouts in the NFL and Jaguars Tim Mingey was listed as one of them.

via The National Football Post:

Ask any scout in the Southeast who the most respected scout in the area is and most will say Tim Mingey. Tim has been with the Jags since 1994 and has built a solid reputation ever since. In 2011 he was awarded the C.O. Brocato Scout of the Year award by the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That in itself is all we need to know. Not only is Tim highly respected but he is also well liked by his peers. Spend some time with Tim Mingey and you always learn something.

When David Caldwell took over as the Jaguars general manager there was some turnover in the scouting department after the NFL Draft, but Mingey seems to be one the Jaguars plan to hold on to, which makes sense if he's so highly regarded.

There was talk once Gene Smith was fired that the communication between the scouts and the men pulling the trigger on roster moves and draft picks wasn't great and it was intimated scout's voices weren't necessarily heard.

Currently Mingey crosschecks and attends college All-Star games as well as coordinates college free agency.

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