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Jaguars offense has 'wrinkles' for Denard Robinson, Ace Sanders

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars drafted two offensive skill players in the 2013 NFL Draft, in back-to-back rounds, with wide receiver Ace Sanders and running back Denard Robinson. There has been some speculation on how the Jaguars will incorporate these players into their offense, but Peter King of Sports Illustrated notes there will be some interesting things going on.

via Monday Morning Quarterback:

I think I'm hearing the Jags have some very interesting offensive wrinkles set to try with fourth-round pick Ace Sanders and fifth-rounder Denard Robinson. Sanders could be a lesser Tavon Austin, and Robinson could be a Kordell Stewart-slash kind of player. The Jags might not win much this year, but they could be very fun to watch.

This isn't all that different from what we've talked about and speculated in the past, but it appears the Jaguars finally might have an offensive coordinator who is working his offense around the players he has available, which means some special packages for a "slash" type player like Denard Robinson.

Sanders has some experience running the football from lining up as a wide receiver and coming through on sweeps, so I wouldn't be shocked to see both Robinson and Sanders using those types of plays as we go forward.

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