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Jaguars will play '2 games' in London, except they won't

Streeter Lecka

Nothing quite causes chaos on Twitter like misinformation about the Jacksonville Jaguars and how they are or are not moving somewhere. The stir was caused by NY Post NFL writer Bart Hubbuch, who used to be a writer for the Florida Times-Union if that sounds familiar, for a string of tweets that looked ominous towards the Jaguars future.

Hubbuch then went and clarified his remarks after telling Jaguars fans to "not shoot the messenger", because his original remarks assumed it was going to be two home games rather than just two "games", which could include an away game.

The confusion still continued to go on, but was quickly halted and likely to be ignored by most major media outlets, because it doesn't fit the narrative and Jaguars fans are just being "sensitive", that the team was not interested and Roger Goodell never actually said they would play two home games a year in London.

So it's still nothing to see here, move along.

Unfortunately it's not going to move along however, as the misinformation continues to be distributed.

EDIT: For posterity's sake, since Hubbuch finally decided to listen to the recording and actually transcribe what Goodell said....

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