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In a post a few weeks ago I mistakenly referred to "Walking softly and carrying your big teal dick." Today wasnt one of those days. We had thunderous footsteps echoing throughout the twitterverse. Let's recap.

Thomas B. Shea

Bart Hubbuch, an NFL writer for the New York Post said "Bad news, Jaguars fans: Goodell told me there’s a good chance the Jags will play TWO "home" games in London very soon." Of course this got Jaguars twitter into an uproar and rightfully so. It is WIDELY known that Jaguar fans on social media sites are among if not the most rabid. People try to jump into the lions bed and are scared when they actually come across Lions. After they sling mud, they act surprised at the backlash that they receive.

People's reactions from the backlash is the part that is mind blowing. Sure, we were 2-14. An awful team on all accounts. We had/have a terrible quarterback situation, our starting wide receiver is one incident from being suspended for a year. Our arguably best player is facing assault charges and we drafted a punter in the third round. That's some B-Rabbit shit. The media surely saw what happened to Papa Doc's ass. So before you start slinging stones, remember I know something about you, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Arizona, Minnesota, San Diego, Miami, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Oakland. We might have a worse record than you but we are still screaming #sitdown. We still fit 64,984 large on a Sunday and that number is rising.

Now all these these lazy journalists can pick up their tired sports takes and get up outta here like Lyckety-Splyt. From Blanding to the Avenues. From Palatka to Penny Farms. From Green Cove to Eagle Harbor. From Yulee to Starke. From Orlando to Tallahassee. From Maryland to San Antonio. From England to Australia. We outchea, ya bish and that wont be changing anytime soon. Come at us though. Just RIP those mentions.

8 Mile (10/10) Movie CLIP - Rabbit Battles Papa Doc (2002) HD (via movieclips)