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JT Townsend passes away overnight, Jaguars lose a great one

Jacksonville Jaguars

In some sad news, the Jacksonville Jaguars community lost a big fan and a great person in J.T. Townsend, who passed away in overnight on Tuesday. Townsend, a former high school football player who was paralyzed from the neck down after in injury during a game, was a big time Jaguars fan and one of the best people I've had the pleasure of meeting.

Townsend had an infectious smile and despite his situation, made the best of it. He started the JT Townsend Foundation, which strives to help local families with disabled adults or children by assisting them in obtaining adaptive equipment to make their lives easier or providing financial assistance.

Townsend recently graduated from UNF with a degree in sports management, and was a massive, massive Jaguars fan.

His foundation issued a statement on Wednesday morning on their Facebook page:

It’s with a heavy heart, the JT Townsend Foundation (JTTF) announces the passing of our Founder, Friend, and President – JT Townsend on Tuesday, June 4. As we cope with the news, let us offer support and comfort to each other and remember the unyielding spirit of JT Townsend and the Townsend family.

At 26 years old, JT embodied courage, service, and love for all. Through adversity and against all odds, JT persevered through extraordinary obstacles graduating from the University of North Florida in May 2013, fostering new breakthroughs in research for spinal cord injuries, and providing aid to countless families living with disabilities in our community. Under his leadership, our organization grew to what it is today.

JTTF will strive each and every day to fulfill his vision and carry on his legacy.

We love you, JT. #jttownsend #rememberJT

You can donate to the JT Townsend Foundation at their website, here.

Rest well, buddy.