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Jaguars news roundup 6/9

Jacksonville Jaguars news around the internet you may have missed.


Dwayne Gratz expected to start for Jaguars right away -
The Jacksonville Jaguars are in full rebuild mode, which is why it makes plenty of sense to start a youngster like Dwayne Gratz at corner from day one. According to the Florida Times-Union, this is exactly what the plan is for first-year head coach Gus Bradley and Co. Gratz comes in as a rookie out of UConn, taken in the third round. The Jaguars only have one cornerback on the roster with any true credentials in Marcus Trufant, leaving the door wide open for Gratz.

Jaguars pushing to produce pressure on QBs |
An estimated 60 percent to 70 percent of the Jaguars’ new defense has been introduced to the players this offseason.“We’re just trying to get the base fundamentals down,” defensive line coach Todd Wash said. “We haven’t put a lot of the big-time pressures in yet.”Just as the new coaching staff has tightened the screws on players by changing their role (starter to reserve), position (tackle to end) or address (by releasing them), the Jaguars hope to apply the same kind of big-time pressure on opposing offenses.

O-Zone: Moving money
There’s a limit to how much we’re going to know after OTAs. Head Coach Gus Bradley has said so himself, and emphasized this again Friday. He was talking about the defensive tackle competition and he said it’s just really tough to judge the spot until they see the players in pads. That said, rookie wide receiver Ace Sanders drew a lot of praise late in OTAs. The quickness the Jaguars saw on his college video seems to translate to the NFL – at least it translated to the NFL in May and June. Cornerback Dwayne Gratz also appears ready for the starting role he’s likely going to play. I thought the quarterbacks looked better as OTAs went on. With those sessions being closed to the public, we can’t report much on the specifics, but offensive players were a lot more pleased with how the unit played near the end of OTAs than at the beginning.