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Jaguars news roundup 7/1

Jacksonville Jaguars news around the internet you may have missed.


Twitter mailbag: My two breakout guys - AFC South Blog - ESPN
I’m going Coby Fleener on offense. I think in a healthy second year working with a quarterback and coordinator he has experience with dating back to college, he can do big things. Defensively, I’m going Johnathan Cyprien. I think the second-rounder is going to do big things for Jacksonville.

O-Zone: Quiet back there!
I think it’s likely they’ve been starving for an outlet, too. It certainly seems that way judging by the emails I receive. The British NFL fans are excited about the NFL and about seeing the Jaguars on a yearly basis for the next four years. I started to write, “the closer the October game gets, the more I see evidence of it in the O-Zone,” but that’s really not fair. The emails from the UK have been pretty steady and pretty enthusiastic since the announcement of the Jaguars’ London series last summer.

Football Outsiders on Jaguars, Titans - AFC South Blog - ESPN
“(Blaine) Gabbert came into the league very young and is still just 23. There's room for him to continue to develop, especially if he can get better protection. The Jaguars' analytics department is correct with its research showing he was an above-average quarterback when given at least 2.6 seconds in the pocket. “If Gabbert doesn't develop, the Jaguars feel confident they can find a quarterback in the 2014 draft, which has a better quarterback class than this year's draft had. Teddy Bridgewater, Tajh Boyd and Johnny Manziel are all more likely than Gabbert to be taking snaps for the 2016 Jaguars.”