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Jason Babin excited about being Jaguars 'LEO' end

While Jason Babin is recovering from groin surgery that kept him out of the majority of OTAs, he's excited about playing the LEO end position in Gus Bradley's defensive scheme. It's a position that should let Babin do what he does best, which is rush the quarterback from a wide angle.

"It's a position that I can only dream about because you're going to line up on a tackle or you're going to line up on the open side, and you're going to rush the quarterback every down, for the most part," Babin told "I don't think I could ask for anything more than that."

Babin hada slow start to his NFL career after being a first-round selection of the Houston Texans, but he found success under defensive line coach Jim Washburn out of the "wide-9" look, which is very similar to the LEO end position. It allows Babin to line up at the 9-technique, which is out wide of the left tackle, usually on the outside shoulder of where a tight end would be on the line, and run right at the quarterback, utilizing his speed and quickness off the edge.

The Jaguars finished once again with an abysmal sack total in 2012 and really haven't had a consistent pass rusher since Tony Brackens.

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