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Marcedes Lewis backs Blaine Gabbert, sees progress

The Jaguars tight end says that Gabbert has taken a step forward and puts pressure on himself to succeed.


During the first offseason under new general manager Dave Caldwell, the Jaguars began a rebuild at positions throughout the roster, but quarterback was not one. Despite big struggles at the position with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne, the only additions to the roster at quarterback were two undrafted free agents and Mike Kafka claimed off waivers.

On Wednesday, tight end Marcedes Lewis spoke to NFL Network's "NFL Total Access" and said that it might not have been the worst idea for the team as Gabbert has made progress.

"It's been a little maturity issue about just growing up and owning the offense and taking everybody under your wing and leading us where we want to go," Lewis said of Gabbert. "So far this year from OTAs and quarterback school and being there, he's taken that step forward."

"Regardless of what others may think, I know how hard it is for him and I know that he puts a lot of pressure on himself to be great," Lewis said.

After a disastrous rookie season in 2011, Gabbert improved his completion percentage from 50.8 to 58.3 percent and his passer rating from 65.4 to 77.4 in 2012. Still, the step forward was not enough as he tallied a 1-9 record as a starter before heading to injured reserve.

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