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We Are the Old-Timers

What Jaguars things do we have to be proud of? A lot. We've seen it all. No I mean, really. We've seen everything.

Mike Ehrmann

We Are the Old-Timers

That's something that just hit me this weekend. With Shad Khan's purchase of Fulham Football Club there was a lot of interaction between the Jaguars fan base and Fulham supporters. Both groups started asking questions of each other about their respective teams. Then somebody asked a question that could not possibly be answered in 140 characters.

That couldn't completely be explained in several back-to-back tweets. This isn't something that would be easy to find by a Google seasrch. Even if was explained in an entire article could it really be explained without living through it.

That's when it clicked.

Every Team Has These Things

Think about questions people ask about sports teams.

Why do the Auburn Tigers fans say "War Eagle?"

What's the story behind the Redskins' "Hogettes?"

What's the story behind the 12th man at Texas A&M?

Why do Packers fans wear cheese on their heads?

Why does the Ohio State band make a big deal about "dotting the I?"

Some of these questions are more easily explained than others. Usually to find answers to things like this we either google it or ask an old guy. Well, I've watched every Jaguars game. I followed this team when it was just TDJax! looking for a good majority owner all the way through the worst season in Jaguars history. I'm going to be the old guy people question about why the Jaguars and their fans do and say things.

This is Unique

The Jaguars' and Panthers' fan bases are similar in that we both have a short history. The teams that after the Jaguars are in different situations. The Browns are a continuation of the old Browns, really. The Texans are a new team but the city has had a previous history in the NFL similar to the Ravens.

The Colts stole their team's history from the city of Baltimore. The Titans stole their teams history from Houston. The list goes on.

Dear Fans of Traditional Teams

I respect the rich history of clubs like the Packers Bears and Giants. This history should be embraced and preserved by their fans. But fans shouldn't use that tradition and history to belittle teams that haven't been around as long. You embrace the things that happened before you were born and let me enjoy my team forming its traditions before my eyes.

We're Bad and I Don't Care

I understand that fans of opposing teams are going to make fun of each other. I accept that and it can be engaging and fun. You can make fun of my bad team all you want.

Make fun of my quarterback. Make fun of my defense. Make fun of my draft picks. Every team has bad times, but guess what? I've seen all of it. Every last bit.

I remember the 41 - 0 disaster in Detriot in 1995.

I remember the 3 losses to the Titans in 1999.

I remember R Jay Soward.

I remember the Tropical Storm game against Cincinnati.

I remember Hanson fonduing himself and chopping his foot with an axe.

I remember the tarps going up.

I remember the arrests.

The list goes on for every team. The great thing about this is that the good memories make all that bad stuff worth it and I'm going to be here when more good times come. I've seen it all. Can you say that about your team?

A Vision of the Future

One day I'll be telling stories about the old days and my grandson will be sitting with me watching a Jaguars game. Maybe he'll ask about some of the great plays. Maybe he'll ask why Tony Boselli's name is on the wall of the stadium. Maybe he'll ask why I'm staring at the North End Zone.

Maybe it's because I ‘m remembering Morten Andersen's missed kick. Maybe I'm remembering the Hail Mary into that end zone. Maybe I'm remembering the first year I started hearing Bold City Brigade chants coming from those stands. Maybe it's something that hasn't happened yet, but he'll ask me questions because I've seen it all.

I'm a Jaguars fan. I'm an old-timer. Are you jealous, opposing fan?

You should be.