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An Open Letter to Jaguars Fans

cc: Michael Lombardi


Dear Jaguars Fans,

We are entering a new era of The Franchise. We are being shown promise, commitment, and pride in a way that may truly be different from ever before. We have a nationally renowned individual at the helm and he characterizes the real deal red, white and blue American Dream. He truly is someone that you can be proud to announce to your friends as the owner of your favorite football team. He has firmly placed his roots into the town to make it a more marketable location through bringing in more business and revenue. His intentions for keeping the Jaguars in Jacksonville have unquestionably been consistent.

Times look to be great and the fans of Jacksonville could look up in a few years and announce with pride that they are living in the 'Golden Age of the Jaguars'. However, let's appreciate our past before arriving with too much joy at a hypothetical, though likely, scenario.

As Jaguars fans we've been raised by early success, wrought with heart-wrenching defeat. We've known unfulfilled promise seasoned with regular media mockery and served with a side of roasted broken hearts. We have had potentially great player after potentially great player take the field wearing the teal and black only to realize that our records are generally easy to break because the Jaguars are such a young team with a lack of historically memorable players.

A few standouts on offense over the years include Tony Boselli, Fred Taylor, and Jimmy Smith. These three will most certainly be remembered kindly by history. Injuries excluded, Boselli would be in the NFL Hall of Fame right alongside Freddy T, quite possibly the most beloved Jaguars player of all time. It's up to us, the Jaguars fans to keep the careers of these players alive and in my own opinion, this fanbase has done a fantastic job with that. Thank you!

On defense, we can remember Darryl Smith, Marcus Stroud, and John Henderson amongst others. I could go on: Tony Brackens, Donovin Darius. The Jaguars have had talent across the field, but have never quite gotten everything together. I believe that with proper leadership we are headed out of the pit of competitive despair.

I'm so glad Stan Kroenke is the one that got the Rams and not Shahid Khan.

Another media mishap--the ticket sales. We're good in J-ville, the media can go visit Tampa Bay, Miami or a research department in their own building if they wish to learn about tickets.

You fans have done nothing short of wonderful by buying up all these tickets. How many franchises in any professional sports league have people from out of state purchasing tickets to give away at will call so that more seats are sold? This is absolutely phenomenal! This is the feel good sports story of the year!

Thanks for sticking together guys and hopefully we will all meet up at a game this year.

Have a beer for me,



Mike, can I call ya Mike? We aren't collectively huge Blaine Gabbert fans, but that's our quarterback. Have some babies grow up and let me evaluate their tape and we will see who made it to the NFL.

And yes, your letter was longer but your Schwartz wasn't nearly as big as mine.

The End.