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2013 Jacksonville Jaguars training camp preview: Coaching Staff


The Jacksonville Jaguars enter the 2013 season with essentially an entire new coaching staff, which was much needed going forward. The Jaguars hired the only "defensive minded" new head coach this season, bringing in Gus Bradley from Seattle. The team also added offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and defensive coordinator Bob Babich. For the sake of time and carpel tunnel, I'm going going to highlight some of the key signings.

The Coaches

Gus Bradley
Last Job: Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator
Age: 47 NFL Exp: 7
Start of Camp Status: Head coach

Gus Bradley spent the last four seasons as the defensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks, helping mold the team into one of the better defenses in the NFL with a unique defensive style that he will be bringing to the Jaguars. It features the much talked about LEO defensive end, which was a staple Pete Carroll used in some of his defenses of the past. Bradley's energy and enthusiasm is magnetic, which the players have seemed to respond to. He's also got a knack for putting players in spots where they best succeed.

Jedd Fisch
Last Job: Miami Hurricanes offensive coordinator
Age: 37 NFL Exp: 8
Start of Camp Status: Offensive coordinator

Fisch was hired by Gus Bradley, as the two worked together in the past with the Seahawks, with a lot of fanfare from Jaguars fans. Fisch had coached multiple offensive positions through his stint in the NFL and served as the Miami Hurricanes offensive coordinator the past two seasons, having a very explosive offense with a variety of looks. Fisch also showed the ability to use what he had at his disposal at Miami to maximize his offensive output.

Bob Babich
Last Job: Chicago Bears defensive coordinator
Age: 52 NFL Exp: 11
Start of Camp Status: Jaguars defensive coordinator

Babich has been with the Chicago Bears since the 2004 season in some capacity, be it as the linebacker coach or defensive coordinator, but he has a lot of experience in the NFL under Lovie Smith. Babich at one point was also over Gus Bradley when both were at North Dakota State. For the Jaguars, he's going to be the defensive coordinator for Bradley's scheme and will work as a sounding board for the rookie head coach.

Frank Scelfo
Last Job: Arizona Wildcats quarterback coach
Age: 54 NFL Exp: 0
Start of Camp Status: Quarterbacks coach

Sceflo will have the important task of working with Blaine Gabbert and helping mold him into a consistent serviceable quarterback, as well as working with one of his former college players in undrafted rookie Matt Scott. Scelfo is a clean slate for Gabbert to work with, which could be a big boost for him.

DeWayne Walker
Last Job: New Mexico State head coach
Age: 52 Exp: 6
Start of Camp Status: Defensive backs coach

Walker was a bit of an under the radar hire for the Jaguars, but he's recognized as a good defensive backs coach and has six years experience in the NFL coaching the position. Walker will be tasked with working with a very young group of defensive backs that will be asked to play a very aggressive style of coverage. He has his work cut out for him, but by all accounts should be up for the task.

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