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Jaguars training camp: 3 things to look for


There are plenty of things for fans to look for during training camp over the course of the next week. There are battles at quite a few positions to pay attention to, despite all the focus being on the quarterback battle, which is an important one.

Here are three things to look for during the 2013 Jaguars training camp:

1. Quarterback Battle

This will be the big focus of most people's attention, fan and media alike, during the course of training camp and the preseason. The big battle is going to be between third-year quarterback Blaine Gabbert and veteran Chad Henne, but there is a shot that Mike Kafka could sneak into the race for the starter, but also for Henne's roster spot. Matt Scott should round out the back of the roster, but he has some physical talent that should be fun to watch.

2. Josh Evans at Safety

With Johnathan Cyprien out possibly a week, Evans should soak in the reps in his place. There is an outside shot Evans could push Dwight Lowery for a starting position, but he will at the least be in the rotation at safety on game day. The other battle will be at the back end of the safety position between guys such as Chris Banjo, Steven Terrell, and Chris Prosinski.

3. Coaching Style

Last season with Mike Mularkey it was all about being authoritative, keeping helmets in line, etc. Under Gus Bradley it appears to be a completely different ball game. Bradley is about high energy and competition. He wants players to go hard and feel they have to earn their roles on the roster. He wants the environment to be uncomfortable and that's not nearly as bad as it sounds, it should typically force players to work harder and perform.

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