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No Jaguars blackouts in 2013, guarantees Mark Lamping

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are still the butt end of blackout jokes from people outside of the area, despite the fact the team hasn't had one in just over three seasons, and the team will not have any again for the fourth straight season according to Jaguars president Mark Lamping.

"First, there won't be any blackouts. We can put that aside. Our goal last year was not to buy any tickets," Lamping told The Florida Times-Union. "That's our goal this year and we're going to do everything we possibly can to achieve that.''

Last season the Jaguars met the blackout requirement for every game without having to buy up their own tickets at $0.34 on the dollar, despite the notion from some that they did. That's the same goal the team has this season and it appears they'll reach it, despite coming off a lackluster 2-14 year in 2012.

Club seats are once again slow, but Lamping notes that they're still gaining steam in that area and are close to where they were last season, with the expectation to surpass the number from 2012. The team also had five unsold luxury suits in 2012, but at this point are already down to just seven left.

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