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Eugene Monroe says he wasn't training like Derrick Harvey's 'ninja video'

Jacksonville Jaguars left tackle Eugene Monroe is entering a big season, it's a contract year and the Jaguars just drafted another offensive tackle with the second overall pick. Monroe still has a good chance of re-signing long term with the Jaguars however, and he's come back to camp in great shape after doing some MMA training in the offseason.

MMA training has become the new trend in the NFL, typically because it helps with flexibility and core strength, but when asked Monroe said his offseason training was nothing like the infamous Derrick Harvey "ninja" video.

"I don't even know what that was. Everyone made fun of it and it looked hilarious," Monroe told the media. "Maybe he was just working on something and someone filmed it and it got online. That was absolutely not what I was doing."

As it stands right now, Monroe will be the Jaguars starting left tackle on what should be a significantly improved offensive line. Hopefully, he can push it to the limit, because he's in it to win it. He's gotta live his dream his own way.

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