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Take Things Slow

Although obvious, watching my twitter timeline today served as a reminder to take things slow in training camp as a fan. Day 1 wasn't even complete and Blaine and Chad were cut, Evans was out for the year, a few players died from cramps, and boiled peanuts were condemned as a terrible snack. None of those things are true, especially the peanut part.


Lots of us are looking for the "Just Get Better" approach to take place all at one time. Not gonna happen. Matt Scott went through one "series" without a drop and he was crowned. Blaine was out. But then Blaine hit on a 45-yard throw, much improvement from last year. Be calm. Chill.

Actually don't. I flat out love the hot takes. HOOOOTTTT TAKKKEEESSS. GETCHA HOTTT TAKKKEEESSSS.

In better news, the dead zone is over. We can talk about actual football. Im so happy about football being back that I am officially announcing my return to #twerkteam.