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Is love real?

Tonight it is, you asshole.

Jaguars love is real. It has been since 1993. We loved these talentless hacks since Charlie Ward was being drafted by the Knicks. I loved these fuckers since Notre Dame beat FSU and then lost to Boston College to allow FSU to beat Nebraska. Sure, Dan Hicken was young and full of cum when he cheered on the birth of the franchise.

Dan and his ass clowns are a long way from being Jaguar supporters now. From a guy that practically jumped upside down at the first hint of a franchise to a radio host with the biggest hater partner ever is quite the jump.

Jaguars fans are some of the most loyal in the league. We bleed teal. We shit gold and we know that black means sex.

Duval, bang em. Throws your Ds in the air. We outchea. We always will be.

Flawda Water- Duval (via flawdawater)