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Caldwell to Tryout PA Announcer Candidates for QB

Quarterback play causes GM to look beyond the team.

After a second consecutive day of poor quarterback play, GM David Caldwell announced today that the candidates who auditioned for to be the new public address announcer will also be trying out for the Jaguars starting quarterback job.

Caldwell noted that he wishes to "cast a wider net" in the hopes of finding a viable solution at the position. Head Coach Gus Bradley also echoed Caldwell's sentiments. "After watching Blaine and Chad these last few practices, I feel best for the team to look further than what we have already." He later said that Blaine and Chad have not yet lost their jobs, but bringing in additional competition may ignite a spark in either quarterback's play.

PA Announcer candidate Kevin Peffer was the sole standout of the group. Peffer went 1 of 14 with 3 fumbles and 2 interceptions, which was statistically on par with the current Jaguars quarterbacks this training camp.

All other announcer candidates were taken off the field with varying injuries, most occurring before contact drills.

The Jaguars will announce the finalists for the PA Announcer job on Monday and the finalists for the starting quarterback job on August 31st.