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Jaguars stress ball security for Denard Robinson

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars fifth-round pick Denard Robinson is a player that fans have high hopes for, because of his big play ability, but he's got to hold on to the football better than he has so far through the first three days of camp. Robinson has struggled catching the football, as he's learning the position, and has fumbled the ball a few teams.

"Well it’s addressed, if not, almost every day. It’s more shown. We have a photographer out here who takes pictures, snapshots of them holding the ball and it’s shown in team meetings just to show them if there’s any air," Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley said after practice when asked if he was concern about Robinson's ball security. "So he has to have that mindset because his teammates need to trust him. It’s hard to get on the field if you can’t protect the ball when one of our major deals of this organization is it’s all about the ball."

Robinson recognizes this is an issue however, and is working to correcting it. Robinson has been seen on the field before and after practice working on catching and securing the football. It may not ever be a skill that comes naturally to him, but he can certainly improve his concentration and making sure he secures the catch before he runs.

"He’s made leaps and bounds from where he was; again it’s the consistency with him," Bradley added.

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