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The Read Option Formation

There is a ton of breaking news coming out from highly placed league sources about new formations. Let me be clear, I knew about this for a long time. I knew about the Read Option Formation since about 8am this morning. I was eating breakfast (egg, bacon, dat ass, and cheese) and it hit me. Boom. Read option formation.


First thing you need to know about the Read Option Formation is that it is flat out electrifying. From what I am told, it can be ran with either a left or right handed quarterback, a lead of goofy footed running back, an offensive line and a tight end or some shit.

It cant be ran without being spread and without being an offense. Wont work. Cant work. Against the rules.

Needlesstosay, (dont care if that is actually one word or not, innovation is the name of the game) the Jaguars are on the slow end of picking up the read option. According to reports, Blaine Gabbert has never led the SEC in rushing, tore his ankle to shreds, and cooks on a gas grill. In the words of a guy that used to call football games on tv and possibly radio, "WHOOOOAAAA NEELLLLYYY." (sic).

Getting down to the nuts and bolts of something that has nothing to do with tools, the Quarterback says "hike." The center pitches the ball between his legs (or her legs) and the quarterback attempts to catch said ball. If he does, success.

The quarterback then looks at all the bros (or ladies) coming at him and is like "WHOA, do I take this and run it myself or do I pitch it to fat Eddy Lacy?" Hard to say. Eddie Lacy is fat today so I wouldnt. I would keep the ball.

Quarterback keeps it. Touchdown.

Another way the formation can work is if the running back scores a touchdown.

And still, a wide receiver or a tight end can also score.

In just 3 short sentences the Jaguars lead with newly aquired Eddy Lacy leading the charge 21-0.

To say the spread option formation works is an understatement.

Football is real.