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Lonnie Pryor confident about Jaguars FB role


The Jacksonville Jaguars let longtime fullback Greg Jones walk in free agency this summer, but might have filled his shoes with another player from Jones' alma mater in Lonnie Pryor.

Pryor began his college career as a running back, but was shifted over to the fullback position to help the team out and found success at the position. Despite going undrafted, Pryor was a priority target for the Jaguars in college free agency and he's confident he can step into the starting role.

"I'm very confident," Pryor told "I still don't know the playbook like I will. I know the base stuff and mostly all the fullback stuff, and when I'm out there on the field I feel comfortable with what I'm doing."

Pryor hasn't show what he can do, as far as blocking is concerned, because of the no-contact rules during OTAs, but as a player with the ball in his hand he's shown some of his ability. The big question for Pryor going forward will be blocking and blitz pickup, which is important for his position.

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