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Did the Jacksonville Jaguars improve at tight end in 2013?

Matt Sullivan

The Jacksonville Jaguars have some new faces at the tight end position in 2013, but did they improve from 2012? For the most part, the big mainstay at the tight end position is veteran Marcedes Lewis, who will once again open the season as the Jaguars sure-fire starter at the position. The hope is with the addition of Luke Joeckel to the offensive line, Lewis should be more free to act as a pass catcher in the offense.

2012 Tight Ends Marcedes Lewis, Zach Potter, Stephen Spach, Isaiah Stanback, Brett Brackett, Allen Reisner
2013 Tight Ends Marcedes Lewis, Ryan Otten, Kyler Reed, Isaiah Stanback, Brett Brackett, Allen Reisner

Realistically, the only difference as far as the roster is the addition of Otten and Reed, with Zach Potter gone. Potter was more of a blocking tight end than a pass catchers, while rookies Otten and Reed are of the pass catching variety. Overall I would say it's a push for the team until we can see the rookies perform on the field, but the potential is to the advantage of the 2013 group.

Advantage: The 2013 tight end group. The addition of a viable pass catching target outside of Marcedes Lewis should help the offense out quite a bit, even if someone like Otten doesn't rack up catches, having a viable pass catcher to pair with Lewis along with the addition of Joeckel it should help quite a bit.

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