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Denard Robinson shows ability as Jaguars running back

Jaguars rookie "offensive weapon" Denard Robinson showed some of his playmaking potential on Friday evening at running back.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Watching back through the Jacksonville Jaguars first preseason game, there were a couple of players who stood out, including the rookies. Denard Robinson in particular showed some of the things that would lean towards him being a big play threat at some point in the NFL at the running back position.

Robinson ended the night with nine carries for just 32 yards, with a long of seven yards, but how he got those yards is what was impressive.

Robinson showed good vision running with the football from the running back position, taking tradition handoffs. On one play in particular, Robinson took the hand off on a run to the left but the play was blown up so he cut back to the right side of the field through traffic and picked up seven yards.

The play showed a little bit of what Robinson can bring with his change of direction and pure speed. Michael Brewster was pushed back in the backfield on the play, which should have ended it in a loss of yardage, but Robinson saw the lane was closed and cut back across the field, beating defenders to the other side and was just barely brought down before hitting the second level and a huge gain on the ground.

The one wildcat play Robinson ran was shut down by the Dolphins, with fellow rookie Dion Jordan nearly taking his head off, but Robinson's other tradition runs showed a glimpse of his potential playmaking ability.

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