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Ace Sanders flashes punt return ability

Jaguars rookie receiver Ace Sanders flashed playmaking ability as a punt returner on Friday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't had a threat at the punt returner position in quite some time, but in just two attempts on Friday evening, rookie wide receiver Ace Sanders showed a threat to be a playmaker at the position.

Sanders returned two punts on the night for a total of 26 yards, but his second punt nearly broke free for a massive gain.

Sanders fielded the ball and made a few quick moves, then cut down the field for a 22-yard gain before stumbling and being tackled to the ground.

It was just a small glimpse of his potential returning punts, but even on his four-yard return the first time, it was still exciting because he showed the ability to make people miss.

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