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Justin Blackmon situation downplayed by Gus Bradley


Jacksonville Jaguars second-year wide receiver Justin Blackmon had to be pulled from the sideline in Friday's preseason game against the Miami Dolphins after getting into it with Dolphins corner Nolan Carroll and then with teammate Jason Babin.

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley downplayed the situation on Saturday at his press conference, noting that sometimes things on the sideline aren't always what they appear. It can look like he's ripping a player when he's just encouraging and correcting them.

"I’m not going to say that there was that between Justin and Jason Babin but it was more like ‘Hey just back up when Gus is telling you to back up’ so it was one of those things and it probably appeared bigger," Bradley said. "I’m glad you brought it up. It gave me an opportunity to check it out but it was a lot smaller than what I initially thought."

Blackmon is a young player trying to shed a label of immaturity, due to netting two DUIs and a four-game suspension after just his first season in the NFL, but it appears as if this dust up was much ado about nothing.

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