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Gus Bradley encouraged by Jaguars pass rush

The Jaguars defensive line was able to put pressure on the Miami Dolphins quarterbacks on Friday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars pass rush has been one of the worst in the NFL for the past four or five seasons, but head coach Gus Bradley was happy with what he saw from the defensive line on Friday evening against the Miami Dolphins, especially the interior of the line.

"Yeah when I watched it you could see Sen’Derrick (Marks). One, he got a nice move and got a sack," Bradley said on Saturday when asked if he saw good things from the pass rush.

"Another time he got close and affected him and got him off the spot. You can see they’re trying to work their games and how they’re working together," Bradley continued. "(Jason) Babin and Sen’Derrick have a side together and trying to feel like if I run this game can I count on you. You saw when Sen’Derrick came out and the quarterback scramble."

The Jaguars ended the game with just two sacks and four quarterback hits, but they were able to put pressure on the quarterback for much of the evening, often forcing poor throws.

"We’re going to continue to put strain on a four man rush. I mentioned that before the game. I think we’ve pressured twice. One we got a pick and the other one we got a sack," Bradley said. "Those were the two opportunities that we pressured. Other than that we were counting on our four man rush and wanted to evaluate that."

The first team defensive line played well as a unit when they were in the game, with Marks specifically standing out and making plays.

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