Forbes Releases NFL Franchise Value Rankings...

Forbes Most Valuable NFL Teams

...And the Jags came in at 31 with an estimated value of $840M, which would mean that Shad Khan has already seen the value of the team rise from the reported $760M he payed for it. That's an increase of over $80M in value since the initial purchase, or a roughly ~10% increase in value. Not bad, eh? So, what does this mean? In the big scheme, not a whole lot actually.

A lot of NFL writers and woefully ignorant fans like to think of NFL franchises as being like any other investment and thus that owners want to maximize value, hence the whole London/LA narrative. In reality, NFL franchises are far from similar to other asset classes. For one thing, they are highly illiquid, meaning that converting an NFL franchise ownership to cash is a lot more difficult than ownership of a lot of other assets. For one thing, the pool of potential buyers is much, much smaller than say, potential buyers for stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. because the price tag for the whole franchise is near the $1B mark. Secondly, sale of a franchise requires league approval, precisely because the collective that is the NFL wants to protect the value of each of their own franchises, so they dont' want to allow a franchise to be sold to someone at a severely discounted price, and they also don't want someone without the requisite funds coming in and then running things on the cheap (they've already got a couple guys like that... cough, cough, the Brown family, Wislon family, and Mark Davis...).

One other thing you might notice is the wild disparities in the estimated operating incomes for each of the franchises. Some franchises ranked much higher than the Jags have significantly lower operating incomes, and that figure isn't necessarily a reflection of cap expenditures alone, as you have to take into account stadium upkeep/improvements, personnel (non-players), marketing, etc. You'll never get accurate figures on this stuff because NFL owners will NOT open up their books for fear of the ramifications on labor negotiations with the NFLPA moving forward.

So, while some people out there may take the piece as another opportunity to bag on the Jaguars and talk about what a mistake Jacksonville getting a franchise is, just remember two things. 1. The Cowboys have been the most valuable franchise in the NFL for quite some time now and it has had little to no impact on their success on the field. 2. At least we aren't the dumpster fire of a franchise that is the Oakland Raiders these days.

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