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BCC Fantasy Football League Kicks Off

Need something to get you through another season of Blaine Gabbert as your team's starting quarterback? Well, have we got the game for you!

With BCC Fantasy Football, You Can Make Matt Scott YOUR Starting QB!
With BCC Fantasy Football, You Can Make Matt Scott YOUR Starting QB!
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After a successful season in 2012, Big Cat Country is happy to announce the start of a new year of the BCC Fantasy Football League!

Much like last season, BCC along with our other SB Nation sister sites, have partnered with Yahoo! Sports to bring you guys and gals the most competitive, fun, and most importantly FREE fantasy football experience on the web.

I will have the pleasure of being your "League Commissioner/Fantasy Czar" for the upcoming season and will be in charge of handling any league issues that may arise, along with providing you with weekly fantasy columns on who to start or sit from a league wide perspective, and of course any relevant fantasy news as it pertains to our Jaguars.

To start us off, I have set up for our first league which will consist of 16 teams, with 4 divisions consisting of 4 teams each. (I can haz maths) Top two teams in each division make the post-season, everyone else gets to cuss and slander the remaining owners on Twitter. Everyone wins!

If there is high demand, I will create another 16 team league, but do keep in mind that in my experience leagues with a large amount of teams, particularly when there is no money on the line, tend to get watered down and roughly half the owners will lose interest by mid-season. So please, do only sign up if you are seriously interested in keeping up for an entire season.

As it stands, we will be conducting a live draft via the Yahoo! site, on Wednesday, August 28th at 7:30 PM EST. I will be open to accomedations, however, I cannot realistically work around everyone's schedule so please, keep the demands to move the date/time to minimum. Frankly, if you can't make it with two weeks notice, you may not want to sign up unless you don't mind having auto-draft pick your team.

So what am I missing?...

How the hell do I register, Pon? Glad you asked!

Simply go to this link and register for your team. You will need to have a Yahoo! account to sign up.

The registrations are first come, first serve and will close at our 16th team.

With that, good luck and God save the Jags!

**UPDATE** :  With the first league filling up so quickly, I have opened up a second league, which you can register for here.

If you have already registered in the first league, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER again. I'd like for those who want to play to get a chance. Thanks.