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Jaguars vs. Jets 2013: Second half game thread

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Blaine Gabbert and the Jaguars offense looked sharp in the first half against the Jets.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

After two quarters at MetLife Stadium, the Jaguars lead the New York Jets, 13-10, thanks largely to the very strong play of quarterback Blaine Gabbert, who led the team on a touchdown drive on the Jaguars' first offensive outing.

Gabbert completed 13-of-16 passes in the three drives he commanded for 165 yards, including a five-yard touchdown pass to tight end Allen Reisner in the first quarter. While the team settled for two field goals to finish two of their three other drives in the first half, the offense remained productive against the Jets defense.

Unforunately for Gabbert, his very strong day ended with an incomplete pass that included him hitting his hand against the helmet of a New York pass rusher. The injury, that has been classified as a sprained thumb, was Gabbert's last play of the day and he was replaced by Chad Henne, who completed 1-of-4 passes in the half for 7 yards.

Expect Henne to start the second half for the Jaguars.

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