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New Jaguars logo merchandise flying off shelves

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars changed their logo earlier this year, upgrading the original logo the team had since it's birth in 1993. The new logo was met with some blowback, but for the most part was well received. In fact, it appears it's been so well received that stores locally in Jacksonville can't keep enough merchandise in stock.

"As soon as we get something in, it sells out,"Jeff Fingland, manager of the Sports Mania store at the St. Johns Town Center, told The Florida Times-Union. "We put it [merchandise alerts] out on Twitter and traffic picks up immediately for everything that we are able to get in."

It's not just the local brick and mortar stores in town who have seen a big uptick in merchandise sales since the logo change, but also from online stores. Football Fanatics Inc., the biggest retailer of official team apparel in the country, have seen sales grow a whopping 600 percent.

"Absolutely, we've seen a great spike in demand for the Jags gear since the new logo and uniform was introduced," the president of Fanatics, Jamie Davis, told the Times-Union.

So, I guess they didn't need that one dude to sell all those jerseys after all.

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