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Gus Bradley and Shad Khan are 'weak and insecure', according to ESPN

ESPN hits the Jaguars with another terrible gem of an opinion.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a head coach in Gus Bradley and an owner in Shad Khan who are "weak and insecure". At least, that's how Gregg Easterbrook of ESPN has described them in another in a long line of journalistic travesties at ESPN.

There are commentaries, there are opinions, then there is just downright unbridled absurdity, which is the best thing I can come up with to label Easterbrooks latest diarrhea of cyberspace.

The strident insistence of the Jacksonville front office that this perennially dull losing team will have nothing to do with Tim Tebow, Florida's most popular football player, has gone from odd to downright weird. If Tebow becomes a success at New England -- as a "slash" or perhaps as an H-back or F-style tight end -- Jacksonville's refusal to sign him will look even worse. Plus the Jaguars spent a draft choice on Denard Robinson: If he ends up playing the "slash" role that might have gone to Tebow, Jacksonville management will have blundered anew. Tebow does have a traveling-circus problem. A strong, secure coach like Bill Belichick can handle that; a weak, insecure coach like Gus Bradley doesn't want to. Same with ownership -- Robert Kraft is strong and secure, while Shahid Khan does not inspire confidence.

You read that sizzling hot sports take right.

The Jaguars are downright AFRAID to sign Tim Tebow.

You know, that guy who struggled to even pass for positive yardage in the New England Patriots last preseason game? The guy who's yards-per-attempt increased with every incompletion.

To call an NFL head coach and owner "weak and insecure" because they didn't sign the football player that your ignorance leads you think everyone in the state of Florida fawns over is... well, weak for lack of a better word. It's a bright neon sign lit to signal your incompetence.

Then, the kicker is, to use the decision to pick a superior athlete in Denard Robinson in the draft to play a "slash" role as evidence of such is well.... incompetent. Fact of the matter is, Denard Robinson is actually willing to not play quarterback, unlike Tebow, who shockingly is able to wake up every morning and convince himself he's an NFL quarterback. So what is the "slash" role you're referring to as, exactly? As far as I've seen, read, and head... he's playing quarterback for the Patriots, not "slash", and is predictably bad at it.

No team in the NFL wanted Tebow. He was available to everyone. The low-hanging fruit of "HURRR HE'S FROM JACKSONVILLE THEY ARE ALL DUMB HICKS WHO LOVE HIM" is just a display of your clear cut ignorance.

Bradley and Khan are "weak and insecure" because they didn't want to take on a terrible quarterback who's unwilling to play a new position? I guess that narrative has to keep being written by some schlep, right?

Then we move on to another gem of horrible logic.

The Jags have an enormous video board at EverBank Field, and are talking about showing Red Zone Channel during games. Since what's on Red Zone Channel is likely to be more interesting than a Jags game, this would serve to remind fans they might as well have stayed home and watched Red Zone Channel in comfort. The NFL brain trust grows concerned that wide-screen high-def television allows fans to experience a football game just as well, perhaps better, at home than at a stadium, while not buying tickets, $14 light beers or $30 parking spaces. Putting Red Zone Channel on the Jacksonville video board has tremendous backfire potential.

Yes, they've announced that part of the screen is going to run the NFL Red Zone Channel full time during the game. This has been widely praised by many in the NFL and, hate to burst your bubble Easterbrook, will be WIDELY ADOPTED LEAGUE-WIDE. It's getting ahead of the curve of what the current NFL fan looks for in a league that has seen attendance dip in consecutive years.

Also, where are you buying $14 light beers? Is it the same fantasyland where you pulled these crackpot points from?

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