UniWatch ranked worst ranking website on internet

On Wednesday morning, the results of an internet-wide survey were tabulated, and it was found that UniWatch was ranked as the worst ranking website, beating out other popular ranking websites such as Bleacher Report and Maxim Magazine.

UniWatch is a website that prides itself as "The Obsessive Study of Athletics Aesthetics" as though this were something to trumpet. The website recently showcased its inability to judge the new Jacksonville Jaguars uniform on its own merit, deeming it the worst uniform in the NFL. The design was called "...risky to come up with a superhero outfit for a bad team". It is not clear how a team's ability to win on the field is affected by the uniform's aesthetic, or vice versa. The website also deems jerseys such as the Buffalo Bills' boring standard color scheme as being one of the five best in the league, leaving no room for forward-thinking, outside-of-the-box designs like the new Jaguars uniform.

Such ridiculous notions of uniform ranking have put UniWatch at the top of the survey of awful ranking websites, with 21,457 votes. In second place with 19,433 votes was Bleacher Report, likely due to its desperate-for-clicks website setup that forces users to scroll through each individual ranked item one page at a time. Maxim Magazine came in third place with 18,467 votes, possibly due to a "Hot 100 Women" ranking that always puts unthinkable creatures such as Miley Cyrus at the top of its list. Jennifer Love Hewitt as #6 on this list? Maybe last century.

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