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Jaguars vs. Jets 2013 results: Looking at the advanced metrics

We know how the Jaguars did against the Jets by the raw numbers, but how did they do according to the advanced metrics?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of many teams who have an analytics department now, so we'll take a look at some of the advanced metrics after games this season to see how players did. We've referenced Pro Football Focus in the past at times, but we'll be using more of them going forward.

Jaguars vs. Jets ratings: Who fared well

Roy Miller - Miller played just 19 total snaps in the game, but he walked away with the Jaguars highest defensive rating for the game with a +1.9 using PFF's measure. The weight of the score was on his run defense, which is what his primary job is going to be, but he was also able to add a quarterback pressure up the middle.

LaRoy Reynolds - The undrafted rookie linebacker continues to impress, and even though he looked out of place and missed some run fits as the SAM linebacker with the first team, he walked away with the Jaguars second highest rating with +1.5, mostly because of his pass coverage. He had one pass thrown his direction and had one pass deflection. Reynolds also picked up five tackles and two stops.

Cameron Bradfield - Surprisingly Bradfield picked up the highest offensive rating in the game with a +1.3 overall, including +1.4 in pass protection despite giving up a sack in the game. Bradfield is back in his natural position as a backup swing tackle, and with Luke Joeckel sitting out it's nice to see him play well.

Justin Blackmon - Blackmon made his return to the field felt against the Jets, taking advantage of the corners, especially rookie first-round pick Dee Milliner. Blackmon picked up three receptions for 42 yards against the rookie, including 21 yards after the catch.

Jaguars vs. Jets rating: Who fared poorly

Jonathan Cyprien - The Jaguars second-round pick struggled in his preseason debut, which wasn't too much of a surprise. Cyprien was clearly amped up, picking up some quick penalties and falling down in coverage which led to his -3.5 rating bogged down by his -3.3 rating in coverage. I'd expect him to play much better against the Eagles.

Matt Scott - Team #StartMattScott took a big hit on Saturday with his play against the Jets late. Scott dropped back four times and didn't complete a single pass, nearly having three of them intercepted. He also had a pass batted at the line and ended with a -3.2 rating.

Mike Brewster - The Jaguars back up utility interior offensive lineman has seemed to struggle during the offseason and so far in games, not taking that step forward most of us expected. He finished the game with a -2.3 rating, giving up two pressures and had a -1.6 pass block rating, by far the worst for the Jaguars on the night.

Jason Babin - The Jaguars pass rush has been a big issue so far in the preseason, as outside of Sen'Derrick Marks no one has gotten pressure, including veteran Jason Babin. Babin had a -1.5 rating against the Jets rushing the passer, as he was handled by D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Ferguson is a top tier left tackle in the NFL, but Babin has just one pressure in 48 snaps so far in the preseason.

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