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Jaguars Move Forward With Depth

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We are moving into the phase where the Jaguars are the team releasing players because there is talent on the roster.


Over the last several years, it has become commonplace for Jaguars fans to get excited when other teams release a 4th or 5th best player at a position. Anytime a player got released by a team, the immediate fan reaction became excitement because that player could probably help. The sad statement remains that the player probably could help. The excitement some fans got over the signing of Trent Edwards really caps off that period with a BANG!

Yes, Edwards did have starting experience in Buffalo and that did allow for some hope from the new backup QB. However, the real state of things came from the lack of depth at QB, not the promise from Edwards directly. Luke McCown, Todd Bouman and David Garrard were struggling through the first three weeks of the season. We will just say that last sentence was fair enough. This caused desperation and Edwards looked better than he should have looked to the fans.

Edwards had a bit of a good spell with the Bills, including one of my favorite games in recent memory that unfortunately ended with a loss to the Cowboys on MNF in quite the odd comeback. After all, when does a quarterback throw five picks and still win? Wow, Romo!

When there is a lack of talent, anyone looks better than they should. The jaguars were absolute scrapers of the bottom of other team's rosters. The difference between that time period and now is simple. Then, the team needed anything they could find. Now, the team is moving in what appears to be a correct direction (time will tell) and merely wants to embrace the best competition possible. This is a big difference and a transition period that I, along with most of you, am glad to behold.

So placing hope upon a retread backup such as Edwards wasn't actually the worst idea. It just sadly became a thing of regular occurrence amongst the fanbase. We were all so desperate to find a glimmer of success, especially on offense and also in the depth of any position, that we were more able to be excited over a starter that another team did not want.

I literally used to watch the waiver wire and imagine a day when the Jaguars weren't the team scraping other teams castoffs and hoping to find.... well, hope sitting with the names of recently cut players. It was a sad time.

When new Jaguars owner Shahid Khan took over, I wondered if it would end. Well, here we are in 2013 and we have the first sign of that ending.

The wide receiver position has long been the most burdened of positions for the Jaguars. The last 1,000 yard receiver was Jimmy Smith back in 2005.

So when I look online today and I see that recently cut Jaguars WR Mohamed Massaquoi has been claimed by the Jets, well I feel better about the state of the Jaguars.

We aren't there yet, but it looks better.