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Fantasy Football 2013: Sitting Down With Jones-Drew & Roddy White

Thursday afternoon myself and my football partner in crime Kyle Nash, radio host from had the ability to sit down with Jaguars Running Back Maurice Jones-Drew and Atlanta Falcons WR Roddy White to pick their brains for a few minutes on some fantasy football topics.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


-Jones Drew really loves much so that he started himself at RB all of last season in fantasy even though he was injured. Roddy agreed he would never bench himself, no matter what.

-Roddy is apparently pretty good at fantasy football, where he lost in the championship even after drafting MJD in the first round. Then again, he did also play in 4 leagues simultaneously.

-Per Roddy, if it came down to Julio vs: Roddy, surprisingly he would draft himself first every time.

-Jones-Drew states he was told he will be receiving approximately 25 touches per game (runs & passes). He does not believe that the offseason addition of Denard Robinson or Justin Forsett will impact his fantasy value. In another segment of the tele-conference he also stated he did not believe either would be worth handcuffing in fantasy, though that was a joke, as he laughed after. Take it for what you will fantasy football managers.

You can see the entire video-conference here. The entire teleconference is a great listen which ranges in subjects from MJD's dislike of every AFC South team to former offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter penchant for throwing the ball.  At the 48:30 mark is when we come in, and I don't mind stating that that's when the party got started.