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Madden 25 Ratings Released: Jaguars Fare As You Would Expect

The 25th anniversary edition of the annual NFL video game from EA Sports hits stores Tuesday, and we've got the skinny on all your Jaguars player ratings.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

EA Sports is set to release another edition of their annual Madden NFL series on Tuesday. As a subscriber to their Season Ticket service, however, I was able to download the game a few days early and can give the scoop on how EA rated our Jags in this year's version.

I should note before going forward that EA does do roster updates throughout the course of the season, so these ratings are subject to change as the NFL year progresses and the individual players perform well or decline.

Some highlights of note for the more popular Jags players:

- Maurice Jones-Drew tops the list for the Jags, as one could expect, entering this year's game with a 91 Overall rating. He's followed by LT Eugene Monroe (89), TE Marcedes Lewis (88), K Josh Scobee (85), and LB Paul Posluszny, WR Cecil Shorts III, and rookie RT Luke Joeckel, all of whom are (83).

- You're going to need MJD and his 91 rating often, cause EA has rated both Blaine Gabbert AND Chad Henne as 74 Overall. To put that in perspective for just how bad that is, Mike Kafka is only 3 points lower at 71, and the duo is far behind the top rating of 98, belonging to Aaron Rodgers.

- As mentioned CS3 is rated as an 83 OVR, with Justin Blackmon receiving an 81 OVR which is actually a slight dip from what he started with as a rookie in Madden '13 if I recall right. After those two, it's a steep drop however, with the now former Jag Mohamed Massaquoi listed as third with a 74 rating.

- The rookie class received OK ratings, with Joeckel's 83 OVR leading the pack. The rest of the rookies fall pretty much in line with how most rookies are ranked by EA to start, especially in later rounds. S Jonathan Cyprien is rated 76 OVR, followed by CB Dwayne Gratz (71), WR Ace Sanders (63), RB Denard Robinson (67), S Josh Evans (67), and CBs Demetrius McCray (69) and Jeremy Harris (63).

- Though Sanders and Robinson have relatively low overall ratings, they do rate high in certain traits that'll help you in the game. Ace checks in with an 88 Speed, 95 Agility, and 93 Acceleration rating, while Robinson has a 92 Speed, 95 Agility, and 96 Acceleration rating. Speed for days!

Overall the Jaguars are rated as an 80 team wise, which is actually rated higher than several teams including Tennessee (75), Oakland (72), and surprisingly St. Louis (77).

On a side note, EA Sports' design team did a horrific job on the new helmets, using some sort of almost neon-ish mustard yellow instead of gold. So if you're really excited to see the new uniforms in the game, you'll probably be left as disappointed as I was.

Feel free to post any questions in the comments, I'll be happy to answer as much as I can about the Jags or the game in general.

Here are the full Jags overall ratings for the release edition of Madden 25:


C. Henne  74

B. Gabbert 74

M. Kafka 71

M. Scott 64

J. Rodgers 64


M. Jones-Drew  91

J. Forsett  77

D. Robinson 67

J. Grimes 66

J. Todman 66


W. Ta'ufo'ou  70

L. Pryor  67


C. Shorts III  83

J. Blackmon  81

M. Massaquoi  74

J. Shipley   73

T. Price  64

A. Sanders  63

T. Clemons  61

T. Palmer  56


M. Lewis  88

A. Reisner  70

I. Stanback 67

R. Otten  66

B. Brackett  60

J. Cain  45


E. Monroe  89

M. Asper  59


W. Rackley  72

A. Pasztor  63


B. Meester  78

M. Brewster  66

D. Gerberry  62


U. Nwaneri  80

J. Spitz  76


L. Joeckel  83

C. Bradfield  75


T. Alualu  78

J. Mincey  76

P. Egboh  70


J. Babin  79

A. Branch  71

R. Davis  64


S. Marks  77

R. Miller  75

K. Love  75

B. Deadrick 73

D. Smith  65


R. Allen  81

J. Stanford  65


P. Posluszny  83

M. Zimmer  58


G. Hayes  74

B. Marshall  65


M. Trufant  81

A. Ball  71

D. Gratz  71

D. McCray  69

M. Harris  68

K. Rutland  67

J. Harris  63


D. Lowery  81

J. Evans  67

A. Blake  65


J. Cyprien  76

C. Prosinski  66


J. Scobee   85


B. Anger   78