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Eagles vs. Jaguars 2013: Second watch notes

The Jaguars first team looked solid against the Eagles first team, but on a second watch there were some specific things that could be worked on.

Brian Cleary

The Jaguars got a lot of pressure on Michael Vick, most of which appeared to be from the interior of the offensive line. Jason Babin also had a few nice rushes off the edge against first round pick Lane Johnson on the first drive, nearly having a sack when he couldn't wrap up Vick and beating him a few other times.

Henne's first throw might have been a pick if he put more air under the ball, it was under thrown and Shorts had to work back to the ball. Henne also seemed to struggle with coming off a receiver once he found one, usually finding Justin Blackmon and locking on to him. He had a nice back shoulder thrown on the sideline to Blackmon and a great throw to a wide open Blackmon on a corner route for the first touchdown.

Tyson Alualu did a nice job on the second drive holding up and disrupting the read-option plays the Eagles tried to run. He "stayed home" on one play, keeping Vick in front of him and forcing a throw away. Babin continued to beat Johnson a few times, while Andre Branch was stonewalled by Jason Peters. Jeremy Mincey got a lot of snaps on the inside as a pass rushing three-technique, and if he makes the roster that's likely to be his primary role. He was disruptive against the Eagles.

Henne's second drive of the game was a disaster. He takes a sack holding the ball while staring down his receiver, backing the Jaguars up. The very next play he throws an interception similar to the one he threw against the Jets where he failed to see the linebacker drop in coverage. On the next drive the absence of Will Rackley was very noticeable as pressure consistently came from the interior of the left side.

Jordan Todman's long touchdown run was a great cutback on his part. The play was designed to go to the left, but he cut it backside through a massive hole for the long touchdown run.

Postion Review


Overall the quarterbacks looked about as expected. Chad Henne wasn't awful, stared down a lot of his receivers and was inconsistent. He seemed to hold the ball in the pocket and took a couple sacks he didn't need to. Matt Scott was uh... he still needs a lot of work. It's easy to see why a team might like him, but he's nowhere close to ready to play in the NFL. My guess is he winds up on the practice squad.


Running backs

Jordan Todman definitely made the most of his opportunities with Justin Forsett out, and not just his long touchdown run. He's been decisive in hitting the hole and has seemed to fall forward much of the time. Denard Robinson has been more patient running between the tackles than expected, but he still has some issues of running up on the backside of his lineman rather than letting the blocks setup. Thankfully one thing Denard doesn't do is try to bounce everything outside. He's going to get a crease soon however, and burst down the field for 80 yards.

Tight ends

Allen Reisner at this point is probably a lock for the second tight end spot. He's played well in Marcedes Lewis absence, at least as a pass catcher. The third tight end might not be on the roster as Ryan Otten doesn't appear to be ready yet and Brett Brackett is just a guy.

Wide receivers

It was curious Blackmon was still in the game late in the third quarter, but I guess with him being out the first four games of the season the team wanted to get him some reps. Blackmon continues to look like he can be a very good possession receiver that will pick up YAC and break tackles.

Offensive line

Overall, the Jaguars offensive line played fairly well. Despite Henne getting sacked four times, at least two of those were on Henne failing to get the ball out of his hands and taking a sack. Eugene Monroe had an excellent game blocking Trent Cole and the other Eagles pass rushers. Joeckel was solid overall again and there was a noticeable different when Rackley left the game. Uche Nwaneri struggled a bit in pass protection, but he's always been a bit inconsistent in that area.

Defensive line

The defensive line as a whole played well and got a lot of pressure on the quarterback, but they also allowed instances of Vick to sit in a clean pocket for nearly 10 seconds. Andre Branch, despite picking up a sack, was once again a non-factor in the game. His one sack came from a stunt where he was allowed a free run at Vick and he nearly overran it. Babin on the other hand seemed to get good pressure against Lane Johnson, as did Mincey from the inside and Marks from the inside. It's looking however like the Jaguars are going to need to bring five players on most rush downs to get adequate pressure unless they pick someone up off waivers.


The Jaguars back seven gave up some chunks of yardage in the air, but they didn't really surrender anything deep. The team was eaten up in the middle of the field in the intermediate range, which is likely going to happen while Paul Posluszny is the middle linebacker as he's iffy in coverage when asked to trail a tight end and generally plays down hill. Johnathan Cyprien looked much more cool and collected than he did in his debut, but didn't really stand out good or bad. Dwight Lowery made a couple of nice plays in the secondary, but he appeared to possibly be the culprit in a coverage mixup on the Eagles second touchdown pass.

I thought Russell Allen had a nice game overall, especially helping out against the run.

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