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Eagles vs. Jaguars 2013 results: Looking at the advanced metrics

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We know how the Jaguars did against the Eagles by the raw numbers, but how did they do according to the advanced metrics?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of many teams who have an analytics department now, so we'll take a look at some of the advanced metrics after games this season to see how players did. So let's take a look at Pro Football Focus and see how they graded out the players and if it meshed with what we saw on the field.

Eagles vs. Jaguars ratings: Who fared well

Sen'Derrick Marks: The Jaguars free agent acquisition so far in the preseason looks like a steal. Against the Eagles he was disruptive in the backfield, picking up four hurries in 29 rush attempts. He also picked up a hit on the quarterback and finished with a +1.1 overall grade and +1.1 rushing the passer.

Jeremy Mincey: Mincey appeared to be disruptive in his 15 snaps against the Eagles and his PFF grade bears that out. He finished with a +2.6 overall grade, the highest of any Jaguars player on the night on defense, including a +2.0 grade rushing the passer. He picked up two hurries and hit on the quarterback. Mincey might be finding his niche on the defense as a pass rusher from the inside, which is great for both he and the Jaguars.

Eugene Monroe: The Jaguars starting left tackle had an excellent game on Saturday and controlled whatever pass rusher he went up against. He receiver the highest offensive grade, +3.6 overall and +1.6 in pass protection, not giving up any hits or hurries on the quarterback. This meshes with my second watch notes, as Monroe looked dominant.

Drew Nowak: The second-year converted defensive tackle who's now a right guard had a good night run blocking. He did give up a quarterback hurry, but he had the third highest run blocking grade on the night with +1.1.

Eagles vs. Jaguars ratings: Who fared poorly

Uche Nwaneri: The veteran right guard has been up and down all preseason, but graded out the lowest for any Jaguars offensive player with a -3.7, including -2.5 in pass protection. Nwaneri gave up a sack and a hurry, he also graded out poorly against the run.

Jonathan Cyprien: The Jaguars second-round pick had a poor showing in his first game, playing out of control, but I thought he played fine when I re-watched the game. Per PFF's grading, Cyprien had a -2.7 rating with most of his hit coming in coverage. Without All-22 in preseason games, it's tough for me to agree/disagree with the rating, but I've always been iffy on how PFF grades coverage.

Brandon Marshall: Marshall has been much better this preseason than he was last year, but by PFF's scale he had a poor showing on Saturday night. He missed a tackle and graded out poorly in both run defense and pass coverage with an overall grade of -2.5. According to PFF he surrendered three receptions for 32 yards.

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