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Big Cat Country 2013 Fantasy Football League with Yahoo Sports - Join the chaos!

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Do you have what it takes to dominate fantasy football against some of the best? Then don't miss out this season! Get in on the action with your fellow Big Cat Country members in the 2013 Big Cat Country Fantasy Football League!

Al Messerschmidt

If anyone would be interested in joining the BCC Fantasy Football league this year please send me an email with your name AND your sbnation profile name (click my name here – email is within my profile-I'll comment below). The draft date has not been set yet as I would like to see if the response will be enough to warrant multiple leagues, like last year. It will likely be on a weekend after the third pre-season game, but before the season; but we can hammer out the details later.

Last season the response was so overwhelming that three leagues (essentially one huge mega-league) were created all within 5 hours of the invite posting. The winner of each league then played week 17 as a championship of champions. Our mega league champion- Team Slickers will have an automatic bid into the league this season as will each 'champion' from the other individual leagues. The remaining 20 spots are up for grabs ladies and gentlemen! Start your mock drafts, kiss the baby, and slap yo momma. It's football time!

Active managers & Sbnation account holders only. Be advised that two managers were booted last season due to inactivity. If you're not able to keep up with a team please just allow this spot to go to a worthy party.

Edit/Update: Also, this league will be limited to sbnation members. if you're not an sbnation member there is no way for us to use your screen name with any articles on the league updates. At the end of the day it's simply a fun competition for Jags fans to have with and against other Jags fans. No trolls from other teams, guys just looking for any ff league, or non-sbnation members. Thanks.-T.Holmes.