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Jaguars roster bubble, how'd they do?

The final preseason game is where a lot of bubble players make their case for the final roster, so how do the players we highlighted fare?

Kevin C. Cox

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a few players who's status on the final roster is tenuous at best, so the final preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons is of the upmost importance. Fringe roster players will get the most snaps in the final game they've gotten during the preseason, so it's their best chance to make the roster.

So how did the five players we focused on prior to the game fare?

Five Players On The Bubble:

Andre Branch: Branch didn't register a single stat on the box score. That's not necessarily always a bad thing for a defensive end, but for Branch it was. Outside of a single play, Branch was dreadful rushing the passer. Virtually every snap all he did was try to run past the offensive lineman, only to just be run wide and take himself out of the play. His roster spot is tenuous at best right now, but just for the sheer fact it's only his second season in the NFL and no better options readily available he could stick.

Michael Brewster: Brewster is unlikely to get cut, but his play against the Falcons was up and down. On the first play of the game the interior line of Brewster and Dan Gerberry were blown up off the snap by the Falcons defensive tackles. While Brewster didn't necessarily help his case, he didn't hurt it.

Matt Scott: Scott may have sealed his fate as a practice squad player with his performance against the Falcons. Like he does, Scott had a nice pass down the field coupled with some brutal passes and a bad fumble backed up to the endzone that was recovered for a touchdown.

Kevin Rutland: Rutland sat the game out with an injury, which led to Demetrius McCray getting a ton of snaps at the outside corner position, which might have gotten Rutland cut. McCray had an excellent game and not only that, but Will Blackmon immediately fit on the defense and made some plays. He picked off a pass and had a nice punt return.

T.J. Barnes: Barnes is still likely to make the final roster, but should have a spot waiting for him on the practice squad after final cuts if he clears waivers. He had a decent night clogging the middle against the Falcons but looked worn out at times, but that's what happens when a 365 pound man plays a ton of snaps.

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