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Jaguars scrimmage attendance: 19,000 show up for glorified practice

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Our fans are better than your fans.

If you were one of the estimated 19,000 who ventured into The Bank on Friday night, you might have been disappointed by a rather vanilla display on offense. Neither Blaine Gabbert nor Chad Henne did anything to shuffle the depth chart, the running backs were barely featured and the offensive line had more holes than a Polish submarine.

But despite some rather ordinary displays of football, The Bank was absolutely rocking. Duval can be excited that more people showed up to a Jaguars scrimmage than ever before in the team's history.

In fact, more people showed up to a Jaguars scrimmage than most of the other teams in the league.

That's right -- the fan base that's the butt of every Jason LaCantfora joke, every Burt Hubcap chide and every ignorant "TARPS!" tweet came out in absolute force on a balmy, Florida summer night, showing support for what turned out to be a glorified practice.

The 19,000 who turned The Bank into The Place To Be on Friday night helped the Jaguars scrimmage rank ninth out of 24 teams that had a night designated for a scrimmage, mock game, practice or family activities:

1. Green Bay Packers: 63,047
2. Denver Broncos: 44,439
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 33,000
4. Chicago Bears: 29,000
5. Washington Redskins: 25,000
6. Cleveland Browns: 24,131
7. Miami Dolphins: 22,876
8. Carolina Panthers: 20,000
9. Jacksonville Jaguars: 19,000
10. Pittsburgh Steelers: 18,000
11. Arizona Cardinals: 17,500
12. St. Louis Rams: 15,000
13. Atlanta Falcons: 14,000
14. Minnesota Vikings: 12,000
15. San Diego Chargers: 10,000
16. Dallas Cowboys: 8,479
17. Cincinnati Bengals: 6,500
18. Kansas City Chiefs: 6,000
19. New York Jets: 6,000
20. Detroit Lions: 6,000
21. New York Giants: 5,000
22. New Orleans Saints: 5,123
23. Tennessee Titans: 5,000
24. Seattle Seahawks: 2,575

That's right. Little ol' Cowford beat out the likes of Pittsburgh, New York, New Orleans and Dallas.

Get off our lawn, narrative.

*The Indianapolis Colts, Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers all have nights planned, but they'll be later in the month. The New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles either didn't have events or didn't release attendance information.