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Football Outsiders on the Jaguars: Is Cecil Shorts 2012 season sustainable?

Football Outsiders tells Big Cat Country whether or not they feel Cecil Shorts 2012 season is sustainable.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Each year Football Outsiders puts out their season almanac, which goes through and previews NFL teams for the upcoming season based off some metrics, including the previous and past season's Defense-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA) among other formulas and statistics.

Each year prior to the start of the season, we try to partner up with Football Outsiders and discuss the Jacksonville Jaguars outlook based on their metrics and projections. I asked Brian McIntyre, who wrote the Jaguars portion of the 2013 Football Outsiders NFL Almanac, some specific questions pertaining to the 2013 season.

Is the type of season Cecil Shorts III had in 2012 sustainable?

Shorts breakout season — 55 receptions, 979 yards, seven touchdowns to rank 28th in receiving DYAR — is really impressive when you consider that the Jaguars had no running game to speak of and the quarterbacks (Gabbert and Chad Henne) were 32nd and 33rd in passing DYAR. For a young receiver to produce in that environment bodes well for Shorts' future production, provided the Jaguars get better quarterback play and impact performances more talented pass-catchers Justin Blackmon (when he returns from his suspension) and Marcedes Lewis.

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