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Football Outsiders on the Jaguars: Concern with Maurice Jones-Drew's durability?

Football Outsiders tells Big Cat Country whether or not they have concerns about Maurice Jones-Drew's durability going forward.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Each year Football Outsiders puts out their season almanac, which goes through and previews NFL teams for the upcoming season based off some metrics, including the previous and past season's Defense-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA) among other formulas and statistics.

Each year prior to the start of the season, we try to partner up with Football Outsiders and discuss the Jacksonville Jaguars outlook based on their metrics and projections. I asked Brian McIntyre, who wrote the Jaguars portion of the 2013 Football Outsiders NFL Almanac, some specific questions pertaining to the 2013 season.

How much concern is there with Jones-Drew going forward, as far as durability?

A 28-year-old running back coming off a Lisfranc injury has to create serious concerns about durability moving forward. Jones-Drew may not have been a full-time starter during his first three seasons in the NFL, he was a major part of the offense. From 2006 through 2011, Jones-Drew had 1,854 touches and logged 4,044 offensive snaps (65.1 percent of the Jaguars' offensive snaps), nearly 150 special teams plays, which is a lot of action for a player at a position that is exposed to a lot of contact.

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