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What is the Jaguars strength in 2013?

Entering the first preseason game of the year, what's the strongest position group for the Jacksonville Jaguars so far?

Logan Bowles - Void Magazine

The Jacksonville Jaguars have revamped quite a bit of their roster heading into the 2013 season, turning over over 50 percent of their roster compared to the 2012 season.

With all the turnover though, which group right now appears to be the strongest group?

In my opinion, the strongest group overall appears to be the defensive line of the Jaguars, specifically the defensive tackle position. The Jaguars have completely new players at the position, even going as far as four new guys in the two-deep, and are playing a different style of defense.

Adding Roy Miller and Sen'Derrick Marks to the starting lineup appears to be an upgrade from last year's starters in C.J. Mosley and Tyson Alualu. The depth also appears to be a big upgrade with Brandon Deaderick and Kyle Love, both of which are proven starters at the NFL level, compared to Terrance Knighton and whoever else the Jaguars trotted out last season.

So which group do you think is the strongest for the Jaguars?

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