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Dolphins vs. Jaguars 2013: Is Ryan Tannehill making steps forward?

We sat down with The Phinsider to ask a few questions about the Miami Dolphins and what to expect on Friday evening. A lot hinges on the progress of their young quarterback.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Miami Dolphins on Friday evening to open the 2013 preseason. We know a lot about the Jaguars, but what about the Dolphins? I got a hold of Kevin Nogle over at The Phinsider to ask him some questions about the Dolphins, and what we can look for.

The Dolphins have a young quarterback like the Jaguars who the book is still out on, but he was kind of the forgotten rookie last season.

Ryan Tannehill was kind of the overlooked rookie QB last season, has he taken the necessary steps forward this season?

Tannehill had a good rookie year. The problem is, there were three great rookie years that made people miss the good one happening in Miami. This year, he should be ready to take the next step, especially with the weapons the Dolphins added on offense. He's probably still going to have bad moments (this week, he had a three interception practice), but he also will have great moments as well (before that, he had gone nearly a week without a pick). I think he has set himself up well, and he has shown he is very good about making a mistake, learning from it, and not making it again. The concerns about him at this point are his footwork can get sloppy and he can be erratic with his throws. If he can correct that, he should be able to take off in 2013.

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