Only The Beginning

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Dear Nephews and Nieces,

This is an open letter to the cause.

A letter that I honestly didn't anticipate writing so soon, but one that needs to be written none-the-less. As I write this the sting of a proper ass whooping in our first pre-season game is as fresh as can be. We just went down 27-3 to a team that many of our fathers grew up rooting for. A team that some in our area refuse to let go of. But, that is not the story. In fact, it isn't even a blip on the radar at this point.

The real story is judged on a greater scale. It's the story of something that is bigger than any one person or any one situation. A lot has been said recently about what we are trying to accomplish this year. We've dubbed 2013 the "Season of the Fan.". The year that we take back what has always been ours. Stories have been written. Features in local publications have been done. Newscasts have featured what we are doing. Every single one of these things is significant. Yet, every one of these things pale in comparison to what you, your friends, me, and my friends, and in many cases a lot of strangers have accomplished.

In three and one half months the Bold City Brigade has surpassed 1100 members. That isn't a typo. More than One Thousand One Hundred individuals have made the conscious decision to become a part of something that did not exist 24 months ago. Take a step back and think about that. You are a part of that. We are a part of this. No one can change that. No one can ever dispute that, not even Jason La Candoucha.

We currently have members in 35 states. We have seven official chapters with more on the way. In the last month we are averaging 7 new memberships each day. In the past 3.5 months there have only been 3 days where someone has not signed up for BCB.

Thanks for the numbers, Cap. Seems pretty cool, but what does it all mean? Well, first and foremost it means that we've arrived. Generation Jaguar isn't just a cool slogan anymore. It is a tangible, real, legitimate thing that folks have to take notice of. There has always been power in numbers. Since Uncle Chaps rode a horse into the gates of Troy and conquered that shit right under the nose of Brad Pitt. It's no different now. I walked around the stadium tonight and saw no less than three dozen individuals wearing BCB gear that I have never met. I saw you on the jumbo-tron. I saw you at your tailgate. I saw you. You chose to wear that BCB gear. Above all else you were proud.

Most of you probably took notice of the fact that our brothers the Teal Street Hooligans had a cheer that was used during the game. Likewise, I'm sure that you heard and saw the effort by our guy Jaxson DeVille to spread the Duval spirit throughout the stadium with our chant "Duval Til I Die". These things didn't happen because a few of us are really witty and creative. They didn't happen because we regularly hang with Uncle Tony Khan. They happened because important folks have taken notice. They've taken notice because so many of you have chosen to be a part of something. It's bigger than me. It's bigger than you. It's what we live for. It's all that we know. That is significant and powerful.

I can sit here this evening and honestly and frankly tell you that this is only the beginning. I can tell you this because there are some really awesome people that are busting ass to make sure that this shit becomes the standard for fan-hood. The model that other people marvel over. Something that others envy. But a lot of that is for naught without you. All 1109 of you plus our TSH bros. It's our number that is our greatest strength and that is what will drive us.

This isn't a letter that is meant to motivate you. We don't need that anymore. We're mobilized. We're a force to be reckoned with. Instead, this is an open letter to all of you to say, thank you. Thank you for believing in what we're doing. Thank you for making BCB your own. Thank you for taking ownership of something that was an idea that we believed you would embrace. Keep repping what we all love and we'll keep busting our asses to make sure that this thing keeps rolling.You have my word on that. You have OUR word.

I'm Duval til I Motherfucking Die,

Your guy,


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