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Shad Khan Believes in Jacksonville

Some people don't want to believe that Jaguars owner Shad Khan is committed to the city of Jacksonville. Here's why I believe in Khan.

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I believe in Shad Khan.

Maybe I'm a sucker. Maybe I'm a rube. Fans and writers all over the country tell me how stupid I am. They tell me how the Jaguars are going to be gone in three years or in eight years. They tell me how badly the NFL wants the team in another market. Maybe they're right. Maybe I'm wrong, but the evidence just doesn't seem to support their argument in my view.

I have yet to see anything that Khan has said or done to make me believe he wants out of Jacksonville. On the other hand, here are a lot of things he has said and done to prove he believes in this market. However, some people won't take my word for it. When I'm arguing with the doubters about this, I often wish I could easily cite all the things that make me believe in our owner's commitment to Jacksonville. To that end, I decided to put these things together. I attached links to news articles that support my statements.

"I Am Totally Committed to Jacksonville"

This is a direct quote from Khan in the aftermath of his purchase of the Jaguars.

"I just want to share it with you, I’m totally committed to Jacksonville," Khan said. "I’ll be spending most of my time really relating to the fans and developing the relationships. The rebirth, really, of the franchise in Jacksonville where we will win on and off the field.

Are there any quotes out there that cancel these out? Owners that want to leave their markets talk about leaving. All of them. Name an owner that has relocated a team and I can find evidence that he was vocal about moving before it happened. Khan has done the exact opposite.

He Spent $10 million on the Locker Room

This is a lot of money. No matter what happens in the future, this $10 million investment will remain inside Jacksonville's stadium. Khan wanted his team to have the best locker room in the league and he paid for it.

Why would he pay for such a luxurious locker room if he thought his team would not be able to use it long?

Spending $20 million on Scoreboards, Stadium Improvements

As part of a deal to renovate EverBank Field, Khan is investing approximately $20 million of his own money on the largest scoreboards in the world.

Ian Rappaport of NFL.Com interprets this as a positive for Jacksonville:

"'s Ian Rapoport reports, per a source involved with the process, that the deal eliminates any possibility the Jaguars would relocate to London any time soon or ever."

At the announcement Khan said:

"We support Mayor Brown's initiatives to bring new energy to Downtown Jacksonville and the city's urban core and the enhancements to EverBank Field that we are announcing today will help position Jacksonville as a home and destination for major events, now and in the future. This is indeed great news for Jacksonville."

Does this sound like somebody that is dissatisfied with his stadium situation?

More enhancement:

London is Good for the Jaguars

The Jaguars have explained their strategy for playing a game in London each year from 2013 - 2016.

With local revenue critical to the long-term viability, the importance of the Jaguars’ October game in London – and the deal to play one home game a year there over the next four years – can be seen in a clearer light. The 2013 London game is sold out. Because Wembley is larger than EverBank Field and because ticket prices are higher, the game is significant to the Jaguars’ local revenue. "London makes us stronger in Jacksonville," Lamping said.

Shad Khan made this statement on October 8, 2013:

The experience the Jaguars have had already in London has been every bit what we anticipated and more, and this is all before we've even played our first game in Wembley Stadium," said Khan. "We made the right decision to commit to playing a home game in London each season through 2016. The Jaguars have a broader worldwide fan base today and the anticipation for our London game later this month is shared by our loyal fans in Jacksonville, so it's a perfect scenario for everyone. The energy and appetite for the NFL in the UK is incredible. The Raiders and Falcons will see for themselves next season.

    • NFL Team in London Raises Legal Issues -- Hurdles to placing a full-time NFL team in London include Tax Laws, Working Visas, and Labor Laws.

    Khan is Investing in the City

    Khan is providing funding all over the city of Jacksonville to improve the city. He actually created the STACHE Investments Corporation with the intent

    "to support business people in the area hoping to help them grow their businesses and provide new employment opportunities for people in the Greater Jacksonville area. It is hoped that between the activities of STACHE Investments Corporation and the charitable efforts of the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation that the Khan family can improve the quality of life for the wonderful people of Jacksonville."

    So much Investment

    All of the following articles detail the investment that Khan is making in the city of Jacksonville. Click the links below and be impressed:

    All of these investments have come in the last year. That's right. One calendar year. How can I read these articles and conclude that Khan is not committed to this city?

    Fun Facts About Jacksonville

    Fun Facts About NFL Relocation

    • NFL teams have relocated 9 times since World War II

    o 1946 - Cleveland Rams to Los Angeles

    o 1960 - Chicago Cardinals to St. Louis

    o 1982 - Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles

    o 1984 - Baltimore Colts to Indianapolis

    o 1988 - St. Louis Cardinals to Arizona

    o 1995 - Los Angeles Raiders to Oakland

    o 1995 - Los Angeles Rams to St. Louis

    o 1996 - Cleveland Browns to Baltimore

    o 1997 - Houston Oilers to Tennessee

    • · Four of these moves involve the city of Los Angeles
    • · Three of these moves involve the city of St. Louis
    • · Two of these moves involve the city of Cleveland
    • · Two of these moves involve the city of Baltimore
    • · The Rams, Cardinals, and Raiders have all moved twice.
    • · The Colts, Browns, and Oilers are the only other teams to relocate.
    • · ALL of these moves involved stadium issues and owners who talked about moving.
    • · The Colts, Cardinals, Oilers, Saints, and Falcons all talked to city officials about relocating TO Jacksonville.

    Jaguars fans, let me know what I have left out. I want to keep the list growing. As new signs of Khan's commitment develop, I'll add them to the list.

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