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Jaguars claim Clay Harbor, 6 others on waivers

Former Eagles tight end Clay Harbor was one of seven players claimed by the Jaguars on a busy Sunday for the team.

Matt Sullivan

Many thought the Jacksonville Jaguars would be an active team during the waiver wire process on the day after final cuts and they didn't disappoint, claiming a league-high seven players. According to one report, it would have been nine players had the Chiefs not snagged two before the Jaguars could get their hands on them.

When the dust settled, the Jaguars added three players to their defense and four to their offense. Claimed by the Jaguars on Sunday were:

LB Chris McCoy (Eagles)
TE D.J. Williams (Packers)
S Winston Guy (Seahawks)
TE Clay Harbor (Eagles)
WR Stephen Burton (Vikings)
G Jacques McClendon (Falcons)
LB J.T. Thomas (Bears)

With the addition of seven new players, the Jaguars will have to release seven to bring the roster back to the limit of 53 players that the team reached with final cuts earlier in the weekend. Defensive tackle Kyle Love was one of the seven released by the team and the remaining six will be announced later in the day.

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