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Jaguars and Tyler Wilson

With QB depth generally being an abysmal thought around Jacksonville, the Jaguars may look at more scraps from around the league. After all, you don't often get a former SEC standout available for merely a waiver claim.

Rookie Tyler Wilson, reported to have been cut by the Oakland Raiders.
Rookie Tyler Wilson, reported to have been cut by the Oakland Raiders.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today the Oakland Raiders reportedly cut fourth-round draft pick QB Tyler Wilson, opening him up to waiver claims. With the Jaguars needing QB depth, along with promise, and also being second on the waiver claim list, Wilson to the Jags is a possibility.

Standing at 6'2" and 215 lbs, Wilson has always shown flashes of greatness, even garnering some Heisman talk entering his final year at Arkansas.

You can see a cut-up of Wilson against LSU below:

Watch Wilson on ESPN's  'Gruden's QB Camp':

A quick snippet of Wilson from CBS Sports' Rob Rang:

04/25/2013 - ROB RANG'S FINAL 2013 NFL DRAFT BIG BOARD: 45. Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas: The Arkansas passer wasn't as productive as hoped in 2012, but he possesses the physical and leadership traits to compete for a starting role early in his NFL career. - Rob Rang,

If you need some basic information on Wilson, click here for a scouting report from Below is a small bit of info from their report.

Overall: Tyler Wilson doesn’t possess all the physical tools of a prototypical elite NFL QB.  What he lacks in physical tools he makes up for with his intangibles.  The guy is as tough as they come and showed the mental toughness to persevere through a tough time at Arkansas. Clearly, the Bobby Petrino scandal didn’t do any favors for Wilson’s draft stock but he showed the moxie to battle through a new coaching staff and lack of weapons around him.

And of course, Big Cat Country's own Alfie Crow has an in-depth scouting report on Wilson. This even has charts!

The summation:

The bottom line on Wilson is that he's a smart quarterback who can manipulate safeties and knows how to pick up first downs to keep his offense moving down the field. He shows good mobility in and out of the pocket, as well as throwing on the run. The biggest killer on Wilson is his down field throwing, which isn't necessarily bad, it's just not consistent. His velocity down the field tends to die out, but it's tough to determine if this is something mechanical or if it's something with his smaller hands not getting a good grip on the ball when trying to put some mustard on it. A lot of people have Wilson as their top quarterback in the draft, and it's easy to see why. He's someone I think could end up in the first round of the draft and absolutely should be someone the Jaguars consider at pick 33 if he's there.

The Jaguars very well could look into Wilson, a fourth round pick with high upside that was cut due to under-performing in the pre-season when an UDFA outperforms him certainly raises questions. On the flip side, the Jaguars QB depth chart also raises question. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with Wilson, the former SEC standout may make it onto the Jaguars roster.

Here's what the stance could be. The Jaguars need to look under every nook and cranny in the NFL until they find their guy at QB. Here is step number two, after the acquiring of Ricky Stanzi from the Chiefs.