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NFL power rankings, Week 2: Jaguars come in first place, of the end.

The new NFL power rankings are out, and unsurprisingly the Jaguars are dead last.

Sam Greenwood

The Jacksonville Jaguars were beaten by the Chiefs 28-2 on Sunday, looking much worse on the field than anyone expected they would. It's no surprise in turn that the Jaguars moved to dead last in SB Nation's latest set of NFL power rankings.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars

LW: 31

We have a new basement team this week, and this is exactly where they belong. And don't be fooled by the misperception that Chad Henne is a better temporary solution than Gabbert. He is not. But at least he's better than Tebow. Things will get better in Jacksonville ... eventually.

The Jaguars take on the Oakland Raiders on the road on Sunday, and have a bad record on the West Coast as a franchise, which isn't a surprise. The Jaguars lost to the Raiders last year on the road and are facing a quarterback in Terrelle Pryor who can make big plays with his arm or his legs.

It will be interesting to see if the offense, especially the line, functions better than it did against the Chiefs.

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